Light leads the future
Wisdom brings mutual benefit

Adhering to the business philosophy "Light leads the future, Wisdom brings mutual benefit", we build our business firmly for the domestication task of high-end automation equipment. We set up the headquarter in Chongqing, and also the sales&service branches in Xi'an, Shenzhen, Beijing and Russia to promptly respond to our clients with high-quality services.

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Products & Solutions

  • Vacuum Soldering Reflow Technology

    By forming a vacuum environment, the bubbles in the molten solder liquid are discharged smoothly, so as to achieve high quality cavity-free brazing, and the inert, reducing atmosphere and leading microwave plasma auxiliary technology are used to improve the soldering quality. The technology can realize high strength soldering, has good soldering form control ability, has the characteristics of efficient and reliable, flexible process, stable and repeatable, widely used in semiconductor laser, optical communication module, microwave T/R components, power chip packaging and other fields.
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  • Microwave Plasma Cleaning Technology

    Treat the surface of the material through the plasma excited by the microwave electromagnetic wave, to achieve strong deoxidation and activation, ensure the cleanliness of the material surface, and improve the infiltration. This technology can provide a good foundation for the next process, and can greatly improve the reliability of packaging, with the characteristics of high efficiency, no damage, no pollution, low process temperature. Its main application on micro treatment with material surface, including decontamination, activation, modification, deoxidation, etching, descum and deposition, etc.
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